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It is with great pleasure to present to you our humble firm through this website. We appreciate your time in taking interest in further exploring the services we could provide for you. 
As aforementioned, we are a firm of young individuals from allied fields that are more than willing to dedicate our skills into aiding in translating our client’s dreams into reality. Truth be told that the firm itself is considerably young but fret not as we assure you that we are always ready to bring fresh and timely ideas into the table backed up with a vast array of experience and academic prowess and most importantly by our passion for the pursuit of excellence. We are open to meeting new challenges, push boundaries and innovate solutions that would fit your needs. 
You can consider Tier One Architects a one stop shop that would guide you through the whole construction process and, expect our assistance in works that goes beyond architecture. Because we believe that it is your dreams that we are building together. 

All these for the greater glory of God.  

Ever onwards,


Ar. Cenon Cesar Lumor,

C.E.O. Tier One Architect



It would be fitting to say that the roots of Tier One Architects can be traced back to when its founders were in college as it started as bud of a dream that will later on grow and be realized. Honed through the guidance of National University, Ar. Cenon Cesar Lumor and Ar. Wiljen Mayuga were both outstanding in their craft, a fact manifested when they both bagged a place in their batch’s Top 10 Best Thesis with Ar. CC being the first and Ar. Wiljen on the seventh spot.

Ar. CC spent his apprenticeship at Archion Architects a design-centric firm where he handled medium to high-rise projects, specializing in health care facilities. On the other hand, Ar. Wiljen worked at H+P Design Partners (Hongkong + Philippines) now named LWK Architects and Partners, a firm based on Hongkong and Shenzhen China where she was able to take projects involving large developments, medium to high-rise build-ings, urban planning, interior design, and landscaping.

After a year of apprenticeship they both took the Architecture Board Exam and immediately after, Ar. CC started his own company teamed up with another former classmate, Romel Butac. They were able to design and construct their first residential project in Cavite. As things didn’t go too well, Ar. CC started again from scratch now with the help of his real life partner, Architect Wiljen. This new team formulated the name “Tier One Archi-tects” registered on March 2018, along with its mission and vision to become the firm it is known for today

Tier One Architects is a group of young and passionate professionals of different expertise gathered to deliver quality architecture, engineering and project management services. Guided by experience on both design and construction through its wide array of projects including residential units, commercial establishments, interior fit-outs and master plans, Tier One Architects ensures a hassle free client experience and world class results.  As the name Tier One Architects suggests, the entire team’s ultimate goal is to reach the top tier as it continues to explore new ideas and innovate timely solutions to uplift the country’s construction industry



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